Emmanuel Dupont-Machet

Brand Story Consultant, Spirit expert, Import-Export Advisor, and Global Brand Ambassador.
Spirits, Champagnes, wines and beers.
Origin, heritage, values, style.
The Art of Communicating Brand Essence is more than listing attributes and describing them …
To reach the objective, in collaboration with the marketing, innovation and production departments, I create brand induction programs, mentoring, experiences for sales forces, distributors and experts (Horeca channel, wine bars, foodies).

I currently collaborate with brands such as Nordés (Premium Galician Geneva), the Cuban Rum range Havana Club Iconica (Selección de Maestros, Havana Club 15 years, Tributo, Unión, Maximo), Pacto Navio rum, Ampersand (London Dry Gin) and Osborne Brandis, specially Carlos I, as a consultant and Global Brand Ambassador.

I design innovative formats for Tasting, Food Pairings and Cocktail Workshops for managers, bartenders, press and “gourmets” as an introduction to the Culture of the Spirit.